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The Outdoor Wood Furnaces have a warranty for 20 years! The roof and siding have a 30 Year/Lifetime Warranty! We have a 5-YEAR warranty against leaks on the furnace. Electrical components such as the fan, thermostat and pump (In addition to the door and grates) have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We can ship you a new part if needed. Nothing takes very long to replace.

Year 1 – 5 100%
Year 6 90%
Year 7 80%
Year 8 70%
Year 9 60%
Year 10 50%
Year 11 40%
Year 12 30%
Year 13 30%
Year 14 30%
Year 15-20 20%
Year 21 to forever (Lifetime) 10%

The cost of the service call is not covered.

The life of your furnace depends upon proper maintenance. With proper maintenance your furnace can give you 30+ years of dependable service. Refer to the owner’s manual for proper maintenance.

You MUST follow the owner’s manual. You must use our recommended boiler treatment purchased from us to treat the water in the furnace. This test will give you nitrite levels and pH results so you can be assured your system is in top shape for the long haul. You “MUST” use our boiler treatment and test your furnace yearly.

NOTE: This treatment is an ongoing program, it’s easy to use and a testing bottle is available. The sample has to be sent to a laboratory for analysis. Please ask about it!

You can only burn wood or coal in your furnace. "Burning any other debris or trash will void the warranty."

We have some furnaces that have been in service for many years. These furnaces are still producing tons of heat today!

Terms are subject to change without notice, please contact us directly for any questions.